CityPop Fundraising

Organizers are the administrators of the fundraiser. These are usually teachers, coaches, youth group leaders, PTA members, religious leaders, club leaders, scout leaders, or managers of an organization. For fundraisers with only 1 individual, you will automatically be listed as the organizer.

Organizers can invite participants to help raise money for their organization or cause. From the organizer dashboard participants can be invited by email invitation or by simply providing the unique six digit fundraiser ID number provided to each approved fundraiser. Organizers must set up an individual fundraising goal for each participant. If the organizer Is the only individual fundraising, they should also set up a fundraising goal for themselves - which can be the same as the organization's fundraising goal.

Organizers can view a progress dashboard to see real-time progress of the fundraiser. Additionally, organizers can view each sale that is booked to the organization, including the processing status and shipping information once an order has been processed.

Organizers have the ability to set up teams and create team leaders to manage teams. They can separate groups to promote competition and segregate sales information.

Organizers have the ability to edit their fundraiser settings, modify the fundraiser dates, update important information for the organization as well as manage the logo and description of the fundraiser in real-time.

Organizers also have the ability to manage multiple fundraisers at one time from one dashboard. Once a fundraiser is closed, starting a new fundraiser or duplicating an existing fundraiser is as easy as a few clicks of a button!