CityPop Fundraising

Participants are the individuals who will help raise money for the organization or cause. These are usually students, co-workers, scout members, team-players, religious congregation members, co-workers, or other colleagues within an organization.

Participants will receive an email invitation to join a fundraiser after being invited by a fundraiser's organizer. This email will contain a specific link that must be clicked in order to "join" the fundraiser. Be sure to check bulk mail/spam mail folders if you have not received this link. Additionally, if a participant has already created an account (or has participated in a past fundraiser), but has not joined an active fundraiser, they can click on the button "Join a Fundraiser" from their dashboard and enter the fundraiser six digit fundraiser ID number provided by the fundraiser's organizer.

Participants can view individual progress towards their fundraising goals from their dashboard. Participants will share a unique URL to raise funds found in the supporters tab of their dashboard. Participants can invite supporters through email, social media postings or by texting their unique URL. It's Important to remember that supporters must purchase items through the unique URL in order for the sale to be attributed to the participant and the organization. Sales made outside of this link cannot be counted towards fundraising goals.

Participants can participant in multiple fundraisers at one time through one dashboard login. Simply login to your dashboard and view the active fundraisers tab. Don't see all your organizations? Ask your fundraiser organizer for the six digit fundraiser ID and click "Join A Fundraiser."

Remember, it's a numbers game! The more individuals participants share their unique URL to - the more sales they will generate.