CityPop Fundraising

Supporters are the Individuals who purchase products and help organizations raise money. Supporters are invited to browse products and checkout through a unique URL that either an organizer or participant of the fundraiser has provided. The product options available are selected by the fundraising organizer during the application process.

Once a supporter has checked out, they will receive an email confirmation and summary of their order, along with an order number. Products will ship within 14 days of each purchase and will arrive in a box that contains a special thank you message from the fundraiser organization or cause. Once an order has shipped, the supporter will receive a follow up email with shipping details and tracking Information.

Supporters may only support an organization or cause through the unique URL provided by the fundraiser organizer or participant during the fundraising window. Sales made through other channels operated by City Pop do not count towards fundraising goals.

Supporters can share the unique URL, text message or email they received to help raise funds for the organization or cause. Sharing helps raise additional dollars and helps organizations reach their fundraising goals quickly.