Step 1: Apply to Start a Fundraiser

You can begin your fundraising journey today with just a few clicks, as it's effortless to get started. Simply apply online around the clock, select your preferred start date, and your fundraiser application will be approved.

In case you prefer to chat with a representative to get started, our friendly Customer Care Team Members are available from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM MST at 844-CITY-POP.

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Step 2: Let Everyone in Your Group Know

To ensure the success of your fundraiser, don’t hesitate to approach as many people as possible for support.

Your participants can use social media platforms, email or text to reach out to their friends and relatives nationwide, urging them to contribute to your cause.

Remember, the more people participating - the bigger the results.

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Step 3: Start Selling

Your fundraising goal is set by your organization’s Fundraising Organizer. You can sell anytime within the time frame established and your supporters can buy items online via credit card and the products will be delivered to their doorstep!

It’s worth noting that although people are willing to support your cause, they lead busy lives, so it won’t hurt to repost information about your fundraiser and send a follow-up email. When you email or text supporters directly through our site, we'll handle the follow up while you sit back and watch your funds grow!

Once their delicious treats are delivered, your supporters will appreciate your effort. It’s Important to remember that supporters must use your virtual link or email/text invitation to help support your cause.

Purchases made outside the fundraising website or in-person do not count towards fundraising goals.

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Step 4: Get Virtual "High-Fives"

By accessing the fundraising dashboard, you can track the progress of your fundraiser in real-time. It’s a great idea to recognize and acknowledge the efforts of those participants who are performing exceptionally well as everyone appreciates recognition.

Additionally, if anyone needs a bit of motivation or encouragement, you can provide guidance to help them achieve your objectives. The more involved you are, the more successful your fundraiser will be!

Step 5: Close Out Your Fundraiser

Once your fundraiser purchasing window has ended, you'll receive an email from City Pop with some important steps on closing out your fundraiser and receiving your funds.

It's important to remember that once your fundraiser has closed, your supporters will no longer be able to make a purchase.

Don't worry - If you need more time or want to extend your fundraiser window, you can do that easily from the Organizer's dashboard.

Step 6: Collect Your Funds

Well done on successfully completing your fundraiser! Your organization’s earnings will be sent to you direct deposit or via mail, once City Pop has received your fundraiser’s close-out documents.

It was a piece of cake, wasn’t it? Also, be prepared for those who inquire about your next fundraiser to participate again. Remember, with several different product lines to choose from, it only makes sense to start another fundraiser right away!

  • Connect on Social

    Kickstart your fundraiser's social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, or Twitter. Establish a Facebook Page or Event to update your audience on sales progress, provide tips, and send reminders. Share a visual representation of your goal progress and ask contacts to share your fundraising link for more awareness.

  • Make Your Fundraiser Famous

    Consistency is key in marketing your fundraiser. Use the same color scheme, pictures, hashtags, and elements across all messaging channels to easily identify and recognize your campaign. Sharing results with participants creates competition and recognizes participants for meeting their fundraising goals.

  • Reach out to the Squad

    Turn your fundraising into a party with our exciting kick-off options! Get students pumped about selling and reaping the awesome rewards!

    Regularly meet and discuss your team's performance and be sure to share some popping results.

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