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Stuffed Red Velvet Cookie Box

Stuffed Red Velvet Cookie Box

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Elevate your cookie experience with our Stuffed Red Velvet Cookies. These delectable treats harmonize the rich allure of red velvet with a surprise inside. Crafted to perfection, each cookie promises an unforgettable journey for your taste buds.

Starting with a velvety red velvet base, these cookies offer a melt-in-your-mouth sensation. The soft, crimson interior paves the way for the delightful surprise within. Nestled at the heart of every cookie is a generous helping of luscious cream cheese frosting, perfectly balancing the chocolatey goodness.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. We take it a step further by ensuring each cookie is generously topped with Oreo pieces and sprinkles. The result? A symphony of flavors that dances on your palate, perfectly blending sweet and tangy.

Our Stuffed Red Velvet Cookies are a delightful treat for any occasion. Whether it's a cozy night in or a special celebration, these cookies elevate every moment. Individually wrapped for freshness, they're also perfect for gifting or savoring at your own pace.

Satisfy your cravings and embark on a flavor adventure with our Stuffed Red Velvet Cookies. With every bite, you'll savor the dedication we put into crafting these heavenly treats. Make life a little sweeter today with the perfect fusion of red velvet and cream cheese frosting.

Enjoy these delicious treats in your choice of a:

  • 4 pack
  • 8 pack
  • 12 pack
Ingredients: Untreated Wheat Flour, Unsalted Butter (Pasteurized Cream, Natural Flavoring), Brown Sugar (Sugar Cane, Molasses), White Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Nonfat Dry Milk, Milkfat, Soy Lecithin, Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Extract), Bleached Wheat Flour, Powdered Sugar (Sugar, Corn Starch), Liquid Eggs, Cream Cheese (Pasteurized Cultured Milk & Cream, Salt, Stabilizers (Xanthan, Carob Bean, And/Or Guar Gums)), Granulated Sugar, Sandwich Cookies (Unbleached Enriched Flour (Wheat Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamine Mononitrate Vitamin B1, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Sugar, Palm And/Or Canola Oil, Cocoa (Processed With Alkali), Invert Sugar, Leavening (Baking Soda And/ Or Calcium Phosphate), Soy Lecithin, Salt, Chocolate, Natural Flavor), Cocoa Powder (High Fat Cocoa Processed With Alkali), Distilled Vinegar (Distilled White Vinegar And Filtered Water), Cornstarch, Red Velvet Emulsion (Water, Propylene Glycol, Fd&C Red 40, Fd&C Blue 1, Natural And Artificial Flavors, Xanthan Gum, Alcohol), Salt, Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate), Baking Powder (Cornstarch, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Aluminum Sulfate, Monocalcium Phosphate), Vanilla Extract (Water, Propylene Glycol, Caramel Color), Cultured Dextrose. Contains: Egg, Milk, Soybeans & Wheat.

Allergen Information: May Contain Peanuts, Tree Nuts & Soy.

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